Amazing place to go!Have you been there?(Changsha,Hunan)



 Changsha is the capital and most populous city of Hunan province in south central China.

It is an important commercial, manufacturing and transportation center in China.Changsha,

 the thousand-year-old city, has spawned numerous celebrities such as politicians, thinkers,

 militarists and artists.

The industrious and intelligent people of Changsha, through the arduous struggle the city

into a fast-changing culture new town, won the honorary title of the first "media art capital"

 in Asia, becoming the most dynamic business city of central and western regions in China.



Referring of Changsha, in the impression of modern people, "Spicy Crayfish" , "Stinky Tofu",

"Orange Beach", "Mango TV" has become the label of Changsha in recent years.Kaws SEEING/

WATCHING which is bronze permanent art sculpture in Changsha IFS finally launched,where

is the new landmark is leading the fashion trend in central China.





                                           Item name:Kaws SEEING/WATCHING

                                           Location:Changsha IFS

                                           Size:8m High








   Two of classic KAWS’sculptures are located in Changsha IFS,this is the first of KAWS' bronze

permanent sculptures in China.


The signature of KAWS’ work


XX eyes

Skull Heads

Elements of BFF



KAWS says it is important to take time to slowly observe and understand the world around

you, and to find the direction of your life in the distractions of life.



Kaws is a graffiti artist from Brooklyn,New York.His work has held individual art exhibitions

 in many countries.KAWS likes graffiti on the street since the childhood, but is different with

 others love graffiti, he likes to advertising posters on the streets or on a poster to add their

 own special pattern of "skull head and XX eyes", later works are also known for this.

His works include large sculptures, paintings, street art and fashion design.







8 meters high giant sculpture with back-to-back posture, is located on the 7th floor sculpture garden

 in Changsha IFS,from the high point of view of the most prosperous city, we can see the popular

pedestrian streetand the xiangjiang river.We can interact with people at close range and look at

the beauty of art.It also has special significance for KAWS, because he thinks that every experi-

ence will be good for sharing, and he also hopes to make people feel together through this public

 art work.It is believed that the arrival of BFF and COMPANION will refresh the new height of the

fashion trend circle, making IFS a place of pilgrimage in a moment, and more fashionable people

 will be gathered here.









Let's meet in Changsha and looking forward to our next stop.