Apollo and Horses Bronze Sculpture For Square

This Apollo chariot bronze sculpture can be situated outside scenic spot or square. It is made from bronze and finished with with 24K real gold. It is common we can see some sculpture like the horses draw a vehicle. This bronze sculpture consists of Apollo, one vehicle and six Pegasus. Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto, twin brother of Artemis. He was the god of music, and he is often depicted playing a golden lyre. He was also known as the Archer, far shooting with a silver bow; the god of healing, giving the science of medicine to man; the god of light; and the god of truth. One of Apollo's most important daily tasks was to harness his four-horse chariot, in order to move the Sun across the sky. It shows an advancing attitude that may be ready for a war or anything else. They are all gold color which reflect a splendid style. Its height is about 2.5 meters. The size of the bronze sculpture can also be made according to clients' requirements. 

bronze sculpture

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