Basic Knowledge about Stainless Steel Sculpture



Stainless Steel Sculpture



Stainless steel sculpture is the most common type of urban sculpture. As a professional stainless steel sculpture manufacturer, Guangzhou Tipart Sculpture Co. going to share some basic knowledge about stainless steel sculpture which becomes the mainstream of modern urban sculpture type because of its variety advantages.


Manufacturing method

1) Make small clay draft

2) Enlarge the proportion of small draft

3) Reproduce the clay into a hard material mold

4) Forge the stainless steel sculpture according to the model

5) Polish the sculpture several times

6) Spray fluorocarbon paint on the sculpture’s surface



201 # stainless steel

304 # stainless steel

316 # stainless steel

Coastal cities due to the air salinity problem are proposed to use 304 #.



If there is no special requirement, the thickness of stainless steel sculpture is generally 1.5mm, 2.0mm or 3.0mm. The greater thickness of the sheet, the harder to shape and the higher the price is.



Generally, stainless steel sculpture is installed by welding, for it will be more solid. That is to weld the sculpture frame with embedded iron on the base, and weld the steel under the embedded iron. The steel length and embedded iron size should be determined according to the size of the sculpture. In order to look beautiful, usually, the base will be pasted marble or granite plates after the sculpture installation.


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