Bronze Sculpture Horse For Real Estate Decoration

The name of this bronze sculpture is "Treading on the Coming Wave", there are both three horses beside the angle. It is established on the pool of one real estate. 

The horses looks like they are running which is very visible. Besides, they all have wings. This bronze sculpture is made of casting bronze or antique bronze, with

steel frame inside to strengthen its stability, hardness, and wind-resistance. Generally speaking, this bronze sculpture can even survive 12 grade wind. The size of 

the bronze sculpture can be made according to clients' requirements. This horse bronze sculpture is perfect to put in places such as gardens, parks, city squares,

industrial zones and so on. They will beautify your city and surroundings. 

Bronze Sculpture

We can help to build the sculpture at site or provide you with installation drawings so that you can built it up locally, according to the drawing. Besides, custom-made 

sculptures are also acceptable and welcome if you provide us with the design, measurements and relevant information. Don't miss the opportunity to own the superb 

and finest work of art. Contact us right now!