Bronze statue for stadium in memory of Heyaoguang

This bronze statue is named "Heyaoguang" that is to be in memory of his contribution to charity career. Heyaoguang was born in 1907 in Guangzhou. His childhood is unfortunate and grew up in a bitter life. Although he have suffered a lot, he was still have the desire to success. Later, he came to Hongkong for learning and challenged many difficulties. He knew that lonely and helpless feeling, he deeply understand that only education can make a difference. So that he decided to help those children who can not get education as possible. In order to let children go to school, he had make many donations to help people who need help. You can see the statue, Heyaoguang is telling something to the kid who is bearing a backpack. He must teach the kid knowledge and the kid is concentrate on listening. Its size is 2000mm*2000mm*1000mm. The size of the bronze sculpture can also be made according to clients' requirements. 

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