China Manufactured Outdoor Metal Copper Sculpture

There are many types of metals used for metal sculptures designed for outdoor use. How to choose a metal sculpture that is appropriate for your outdoor metal 

sculpture? At first, let the sculpture manufacturer know you need the metal sculpture for outdoor use before you purchase so that they will coat it to protect it from 

corrosion. Metals, whether it's copper, brass, bronze, iron or steel, have always been the materials for artists throughout the centuries to stimulate and stretch their 


Copper is probably one of the most beautiful metals offering you versatility that allows you to appreciate metal copper sculptures outdoors. Copper has the ability to 

change color naturally or patinas both chemical patinas and creating the patina with heat. Because there are many ways to color copper. It can offer you a rainbow of 

colors for your sculpture. We can create the color for copper metal sculptures by a variety of methods such as the use of a torch or with a number of different 

chemicals to reach the satisfied color. Copper will patina naturally in outdoor climates giving it a green hue. But if you live in a dry hot climate, it perhaps will not patina 

but may turn a deeper brownish color. The more humid the climate the more dramatic the natural patina. 

sculpture manufacturer China

The theme of the above outdoor sculpture is shooting, a man who is putting a shooting pose. The metal copper sculpture is about 6m in height which is purely 

handmade process. Guangzhou Tipart Sculpture is a Bronze sculpture manufacturer China established in 1994 and specializing in bronze sculpture, stainless steel

sculpture, bronze statue, metal sculpture, resin sculpture, stone sculpture and art furniture. We can design artwork according to your idea with Zbrush, Maya and

3D Max, also, we can invite famous Chinese artists to design.