Our annual meeting·24th anniversary celebration
On January 6th,2019 we celebrate our company 24th anniversary party.   The red carpet   The entrance   Our founder and his wife↑   Our principal heads↑   Our charming CEO—Mrs...
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Amazing place to go!Have you been there?(Changsha,Hunan)
     Changsha is the capital and most populous city of Hunan province in south central China. It is an important commercial, manufacturing and transportation center in China.Changsha,  the thousand-year-old city, has spawned numerous celebrities such as...
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Stimulating urban vitality with interesting public sculpture.
 In recent years, we have made many sculpture projects in business district, they have  points in common, that is Interestingness, strictly and meaningful express the organic combination between art and technique. This kind of interesting sculpture seems to be the...
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Reports review of Southern Metropolis Daily/Yangcheng Evening Ne
The latest product of Tipart--Li Utensils series furniture definitely earned much attention on the 41 st CIFF on March.With its elegant & outstanding satin software, customization of last name which  highlights  individuality  & dignity and brass ...
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Inquiries of Statue and Sculpture From Lebanon
Recently, we got some inquiries from Lebanon. They need to build statue and sculpture, below are the details: 1. Dear Sir / Madam, I am in Lebanon. we are in the process of building a shrine for the virgin Mary in the village which consist of a tower of 54 meters high and the statue of the virgin Mary...
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Clients Need Sculptures from India, USA, Singapore
Recently, we got some quotes from India, USA, Singapore. They need sculptures for home decorations, Rose fiberglass bar, Dancer Brass Finish Sculpture. 1. Need sculptures for home decorations. We have shop in india we sell sculptures to our customers 2. Hi, can you sen me the information of this item...
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