Inquiries of Stainless Steel Sculpture From Pakistan, Belgium
Here are inquiries of Stainless Steel Sculpture from Pakistan, Belgium clients. They are interested in Man and Horse Sporting Bronze Sculpture, Monument Statue for Korea, Stainless Steel Airport Decoration, World Peace Stainless Steel Sculpture. Inquiry 1: How much this cost for Pakistan? Thanks Man and...
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Are you looking for stainless steel sculpture and statue?
Here are three quotes of stainless steel sculpture from our clients. They are interested in stainless steel globe sculpture, dialogue stainless steel coffee table. 1. Quote: May I know like this design do it in 2 meter diameter, may i know the price? Stainless Steel Globe Sculpture Material: Stainless...
Views: 574 Update date: 10/25/2017
The UFO is coming
In this summer, W hotel was settled in Suzhou. W hotel is one of the most fashionable hotel around the world. Our team manufactured the sculpture at the entrance. The design is like a suspending garden with the light smog and circumstance are very special and avantgarde.  ...
Views: 577 Update date: 10/12/2017
Have a chance encounter with Bubblecoat Elephant in autumn
As everyone knows the rubber duck which was designed by Florentijn Hofman. This year, he designed a Bubblecoat Elephant for the MIXC, Shenzhen.  This installation art, the elephant, was 12M length, 7.5 height with a 24M length long nose. The whole sculpture weight 30 tons. This...
Views: 569 Update date: 10/12/2017
To carry forward the ceramic culture and develop better Liling
Sep.28th-30th 2017 is the international fair of ceramic industry in Liling, Hunan. In this year, our company, Tipart Sculpture (Fangyuan Sculpture) adorn this city with a series of sculpture.  This series sculpture including a statue, the walls of relief and we donated a famous...
Views: 509 Update date: 09/30/2017
The Statue of World Peace was donate to express nostalgia
The fourth piece of The Statue of World Peace was placedin Liling city of Hunan province. These sculptures were all fabricated by tipart sculpture (Fangyuan), and this one was donated to our president's hometown in Sep. 2017.
Views: 435 Update date: 09/21/2017
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