The Statue of World Peace was donate to express nostalgia
The fourth piece of The Statue of World Peace was placedin Liling city of Hunan province. These sculptures were all fabricated by tipart sculpture (Fangyuan), and this one was donated to our president's hometown in Sep. 2017.
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Quotes of Stainless Steel Sculpture from Australia
Here are three quotes of stainless steel sculpture from Australia. They are interested in stainless steel airport decoration sculpture and circle around stainless steel sculpture. 1. Hi. What are the indicative price for the mirror stainless "egg" sculpture, around 2m. 2....
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Are you interested in stainless steel sculpture?
Here are three quotations of stainless steel sculpture. They are interested in Dancer and Circle Stainless Steel Sculpture for Garden. 1. Hello, How much ?, please Thank you. 2. Hi , I am interested in buying small and large sculptures from your Company. Please send me your...
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Two quotations of stainless steel sculpture from Spain
Here are two quotations of stainless steel sculpture from Spain. He is interested in Abundant and Melody stainless steel sculpture. 1. Buenos dias. Me gustaria saber el precio de esta escultura con las medidas que tiene. Abundant Item No.: TP-SS019 Material:...
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One Customer's Inquiry of Stainless Steel Sculpture
Here is one customer's inquiry of Stainless Steel Sculpture from Tipart. He is interested in Space Series Stainless Steel Chair, Cloud and Mist Series Stainless Steel Chair, Circle Series Stainless Steel Chair. 1. Space Series Stainless Steel Chair Inquiry: What is the price for...
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Why are stainless steel sculpture loved?
Sculptures are not limited to any specific country or community but it is appreciated by one and all. It is pure art and art is the purest form of the society. Sculpture is a great form of art which requires lot of patience to make and even tougher dedication to look on every detail. The sculpture culture...
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