The Trending Stuff About Stainless Steel Sculpture
      Sculpture is one of the most beautiful things and especially if you are an artist and you understand the meaning of this beautiful piece of art. Sculpture helps you to portray the society a thought process and something to possess for the longest time. Designing and...
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Bronze Statue Can Be The Defining Status Of Your Interior
How often do you crush over a bronze sculpture? How often have you seen a statue of bronze and then you dream of having that statue into your living room. The statue talks a lot about your background, thought-process and most importantly your taste in art and literature. Bronze statue is an artwork which is...
Views: 499 Update date: 06/01/2016
Decorate The Office Park With Stainless Steel Sculpture
Sculptures are always great for everything, be it for your household use or for decorating the house. Steel is there everywhere but in a complete different which one can be amused of. It has played a major role in developing sculptures to the next level. It shaped the historical and stylistic development of...
Views: 610 Update date: 05/19/2016
Large Man and Bear Bronze Sculpture For Park
This man and bear bronze sculpture is named "Ren Yu Zi Ran" that is composed of one human bronze statue and one bear bronze statue. The man seems he is ready for fighting at any time and the bear seems it is showing its power to its opponent. They are built at different directions with each other....
Views: 484 Update date: 05/06/2016
Bronze statue for stadium in memory of Heyaoguang
This bronze statue is named "Heyaoguang" that is to be in memory of his contribution to charity career. Heyaoguang was born in 1907 in Guangzhou. His childhood is unfortunate and grew up in a bitter life. Although he have suffered a lot, he was still have the desire to success. Later, he came to Hongkong...
Views: 448 Update date: 04/28/2016
Apollo and Horses Bronze Sculpture For Square
This Apollo chariot bronze sculpture can be situated outside scenic spot or square. It is made from bronze and finished with with 24K real gold. It is common we can see some sculpture like the horses draw a vehicle. This bronze sculpture consists of Apollo, one vehicle and six Pegasus. Apollo was the...
Views: 629 Update date: 04/15/2016
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