Apollo and Horses Bronze Sculpture For Square
This Apollo chariot bronze sculpture can be situated outside scenic spot or square. It is made from bronze and finished with with 24K real gold. It is common we can see some sculpture like the horses draw a vehicle. This bronze sculpture consists of Apollo, one vehicle and six Pegasus. Apollo was the...
Views: 855 Update date: 04/15/2016
Shopping Mall CBD Plaza Bronze Sculpture
The name of this bronze sculpture is "The Door of Future" which is antique bronze finished. There are four people around the two doors and there is one cicada on  upper door. The four people are looking up to the cicada on the door. It is built in front of one Guangzhou shopping mall in...
Views: 803 Update date: 04/08/2016
Sporting Horse Bronze Sculpture For Stadium
This sport bronze sculpture can be situated outside the stadium or square. Its designers are Pro.Ming Li, Lu Huang. It was built at He Long Stadium in 2006 that took  60 days to finish. This bronze sculpture is made of casting bronze and stainless steel. Its height is about 2 meters. The...
Views: 522 Update date: 03/30/2016
Outdoor Abstract Bronze Sculpture Couple Statue
This bronze sculpture can be situated outside the garden or park. The couple statue is a kind of abstract bronze sculpture. There are four birds of the whole bronze  sculpture, two up and two beside their foot. It is very obvious at the center of the garden or park. This bronze sculpture is...
Views: 621 Update date: 03/24/2016
Bronze Sculpture Horse For Real Estate Decoration
The name of this bronze sculpture is "Treading on the Coming Wave", there are both three horses beside the angle. It is established on the pool of one real estate.  The horses looks like they are running which is very visible. Besides, they all have wings. This bronze sculpture is made of...
Views: 556 Update date: 03/17/2016
China Manufactured Outdoor Metal Copper Sculpture
There are many types of metals used for metal sculptures designed for outdoor use. How to choose a metal sculpture that is appropriate for your outdoor metal  sculpture? At first, let the sculpture manufacturer know you need the metal sculpture for outdoor use before you purchase so that...
Views: 983 Update date: 03/09/2016
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