Reports review of Southern Metropolis Daily/Yangcheng Evening Ne

The latest product of Tipart--Li Utensils series furniture definitely earned much attention on the

41 st CIFF on March.With its elegant & outstanding satin software, customization of last name

which  highlights  individuality  & dignity and brass  forging makes a man  feeling like as  if he 

crosses ages,unique and fashionable.The handicraft of Li Utensils series  furniture is simple yet

sophisticated , delicate with cultural spirit,not onlyevoking classic but closing to life,which shows

 the  elegant and leisure life attitude and that ’s the part of charm of Ming and Qing furniture. It

 becomes a unique landscape on CIFF which again pass on our mission :Tipart, the art furniture

 custom experts around you!Subsequently,Southern Metropolis Daily & Yangcheng EveningNews

reports on our latest product,the followings are news report and details: