Stainless steel sculpture has a lot of advantages
Stainless steel sculpture is concise and easy, the sense of form, and the lighting effect is strong. Stainless steel sculpture material with high air, steam, water and other corrosive medium and weak acid, alkali, salt and other chemical attack by corrosive medium characteristics are a great deal for the owners. Since stainless steel has a lot of advantages, a lot of city sculpture is taking it as material.

Stainless Steel Dragon

The element design is also another unique design for him as he has always shied away from sculptures with an even number of elements. It has a natural dynamic, a natural tension, and thus the majority of his works are created utilizing 3 elements. An odd number of elements in a sculpture, or any other design project for that matter. Four elements take a special design to make it strong and not repetitive. It also brings in the dynamics of space into the design that doesn’t come naturally. 

Whether in a personal garden, office park, or public grounds, steel sculpture is a form of art which draws the weary to its feet and renews their spirits. These are found in public places avidly because we, the people, need those who are always pointing to a better way. What speaks more of a hope than the constant turning towards a new creation? Or of joy than the ever appreciative eye, taking in all the world and transforming it into beautiful things?