Stimulating urban vitality with interesting public sculpture.

 In recent years, we have made many sculpture projects in business district, they have

 points in common, that is Interestingness, strictly and meaningful express the organic

combination between art and technique.

This kind of interesting sculpture seems to be the reflection of this era. Just image, in

 the era full of stress and competition, these sculpture seems to have the healing ability,

which relax people from high stress.

So, today the author will show you wonderful feeling of the sculpture from other aspect.

Let’s go.



                                        Item: I See What You Mean

                                        Location: The Colorado Convention Center in USA

                                        Size: 40 feet in height





 The 40-feet-high blue bear stands in front of the building and seems that he is

peering, which makes people simmer with laughter and it becomes one of the

favourite public art of Denver.






                                       Item: I Am Here

                                       Location: IFS, Chengdu

                                       Size: 15 meters in height




 The big panda which made of reinforced concrete, jumping down from the top of building

and coming to Chengdu unexpectedly, through time and space and seems to pour out

himself to passerby.

“where are you?”

“I’m under the ass of panda.”

People in Chengdu will usually meet each other under the ass of panda, also when we call

 a taxi will remind the driver come to that site. It has become the landmark of Chengdu.






                                       Item: Beyond Reflection

                                       Location: Yifang Center, Shenzhen

                                       Size: 16 meters in length




This art work reflects Chinese culture by using the image of dragon, which means

 power and lucky. The 16-meter-long dragon made of stainless steel, crossing 2

 floors and combines with lightening and spraying, which attracts tens of thousands

 of people and thus making the mall become the star.




                                        Item: Bubblecoat Elephant

                                        Location: MIXC, Shenzhen

                                        Size: 26 meters in length




The sculpture is designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, which inspires from

 the bubble. It becomes the longest trunk elephant sculpture with water injection

 system in the world.






                                       Item: Ant

                                       Location: Shangshili, Shandong

                                       Size: 12.8 meters in length



People can inspire a lot from nature, working like ants, diligent and conscientious.

For designers, they work just like ants, going about their design works with hardly

being noticed but creating the wonderful installation for the city.






                                       Item: Cloud One

                                       Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu

                                       Size: 7 meters in diameter




Set in front of W hotel, the sculpture is made of stainless steel, combines with lightening

and spraying, simple design but meaningful and attractive.




                                       Item: The door to The Future

                                       Location: Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou

                                       Size: 10 meters in height






The statue was built in 2010 and cast in copper with 24 k gold leaf, and the total

 height is 10 meters, looks amazing. The artist explained that this sculpture is

formed of abstract muscles, cicadas and children. “Fitness muscles” express the

 power, “cicadas drink dew” represents a “high moral character”, “children capture

cicada” symbolizes innocence and positive.




                                       Item: Van Gogh’s Ear

                                       Location: K11, Guangzhou

                                       Size: 9 meters in height





The sculpture is designed by Elmgreen and Dragset from Scandinavia, it looks

 like gourd and pool, when you go up close to it, you’ll find it including diving

board, ladder and lamp, but without water, and that’s what the artist want

to convey, makes people thinking.